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The most beautiful thing

is that He knows

what you are about to tell Him

and yet

He still listens.

Jesus is amazing.

Thank You Lord

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Making Sardines Fried Rice →



After 13 days of sharing a bathroom with six others, a diet consisting of falafel breakfasts with chai, a platter of biryani or bukhari rice and curry lunches and a whole chicken freshly pulled off from the rotisserie, its juices seeping through the brown paper bag its put in, with chai,…



Who is Annmarie Richards?

"Annmarie Richards is a Jamaican woman who has raised 32 children, but not before she came from a broken home, in a struggling community herself. She experienced first-hand what it feels like to be a forgotten victim of Jamaica’s painful economic situation. She has since devoted her life to finding homeless children, raising them as her own, and giving them new opportunities.

It’s her goal to take children off the streets and integrate them into school systems, giving them a foundation to build a wonderful life.

Annmarie has helped numerous people turn their lives around. She has provided a home to women stuck in prostitution circles, drug addicts, and others. She not only takes troubled people off the streets, but she also helps them thrive in society!”

Play it, Like it, Share it. If this video reaches 50,000 VIEWS by April 10th For Views Group will donate a computer lab to the kids Annmarie supports.

If we can get fandom posts and videos up into the several thousands, I think this woman’s good work deserves the same support :)

So important!

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The Cinematic OrchestraArrival of the Birds


Romans 5:8   (via fact0r)

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I loved you at your darkest.

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There are days I don’t feel enough, worth it, beautiful - but isn’t it marvelous we are not what we feel, instead we are what He says we are: Wonderfully made, Wanted…

The couple of followers I have please pray for me. I am going through a difficult time in my life right now. Everything seems to fall on me at once and I am tempted to rely on old habits. Please please keep me in your prayers.


Believing in JESUS and His finished work means:

  • You are righteous.
  • You are whole.
  • You are guiltless.
  • You are FREE.
  • You are loved endlessly.
  • You are forgiven.
  • Sin has NO hold on you.
  • Death is no more
  • You are accepted.
  • He is not angry at You.
  • It is your duty to love like HIM.
  • Your life is a response for what He has given.

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